Our Artists

Alex Solodov

Hope ink painting by Alex Solodov

Alex Solodov is a visual artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. He was born in Moscow, Russia in 1971.
Alex began to paint and draw at the age of 13. During his studies at Stroganov University of Arts in Moscow, he was mainly focused on abstract, surreal and expressionistic style of painting and drawings. At the same time he became inspired by Indonesian Batik dyeing technique, and created lots of artwork in this style, using silk fabric as canvas.
At the moment Alex mostly paints in sumi-e and color ink wash painting techniques, many of his works inspired by Japan and japanese culture. He also enjoys to paint expressionistic landscapes, townscapes and ocean paintings.
Alex’s artwork has been featured in private collections and galleries around the world including United Kingdom, Germany, Lithuania, USA, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Russia and Brazil.

His recent exhibitions includes:
2012 – Group Exhibition “Cat People”, St. Ink Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.
2011 – 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (parallel programm, “Invasion” project), Art Play Design Center, Moscow, Russia.
2010 – Group Exhibition at the Bo Sigvardson Gallery, Rodby, Denmark.

“I love black & white photographs, it reminds me about silent films and I try to make every picture in my photographic art like a strong, sensual movie.”

For more info please visit alexsolodov-art.com


Alfonso Villagran


Alfonso Villagran lives and works in Argentina. He paints in the classical technique of oil painting on canvas. Inspired by everyday life, but not avoiding the shocking facts it intrudes into the inner world of heroes, not as a cold observer, but the creator, which betrayed paints emotional expressiveness of his characters.

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Molokid is the alter ego of this freewheeling, rather off balance graphic designer of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his collages, Molokid seeks to construct and to destroy morphologic relations between the elements that interact in the composition, looking for a dialogue between the parts that shape the whole of the artistic piece.


Jose Luis Lopez Galvan

Limited edition art print "Lullaby." by Jose Luis Lopez Galvan

Limited edition art print “Lullaby.” by Jose Luis Lopez Galvan

José Luis López Galván is a Mexican surrealistic painter. In his paintings, fine art develops into dark surrealism, in a world where Velasquez and Hieronymus Bosch could go into ecstasies.


Lucio Diodati

Limited edition art print "The Gazelles" by Lucio Diodati

Limited edition art print “The Gazelles” by Lucio Diodati

Lucio Diodati is Italian artist working mostly with figurative oil painting. Diodati’s paintings are populated by new character, ready to create mysterious and suggestive situations around women. Exotic zebras and sensuous felines will be women’s plunders, of their istinctive craze for figure, for dare until the extreme luxury. Furs, daring and zebrine clothes complete Diodati’s dreamy feminine figures, characters of his poetic world where men are not left out, but they are only spectators, funny and ingenuous presences.



Maiko by Meko

Maiko by Meko

Meko – conceptual and figurative artist from Spain.

“My creative proposal arises both of the matter as of the timelessness of the image, covering both the materic art, conceptual art and figurative art, also the colorist and informalist commitment and the constant pursuit for reinvention.”


Takuma Tanaka

Madame Cat by Takuma Tanaka

Madame Cat by Takuma Tanaka

1977 Born in Tokyo,Japan
2001 Graduated from Waseda University(major in law)
2009 Learn Contemporary Art in Yotsuya Art Studium

Solo exhibitions:
2006 Rahu gallery, Saitama, Japan
2007 The Museum of Modern Art,saitama,Japan 2009Edge gallery ,Osaka,Japan
2010 J art gallery in shanghai
2011 J art gallery in shanghai
2012 J art gallery in shanghai


Nino Gambino

Limited edition art print "Search and find" by Nino Gambino.

Limited edition art print “Search and find” by Nino Gambino.

Nino Gambino was born in Palermo where he lives and works.
He has always lived in a family of artists and has a great passion for the sea that led him to devote himself before the ship models, over time, this passion for woodworking led him to apply the techniques learned in the marquetry wood, through the processing of the plywood.
The works realized with this tecnique have been the subject of a first solo exhibition in 2000 at the Palace of the Eagles, Palermo, then follow different artistic achievements, the latest in the “Premio Terna” where it ranked second in online voting.
His works now are among those individuals who appreciated the virtuosity of his technique of ancient origins that he has re-used with a contemporary artistic language.