Terms for Artists

Supply of Artwork
On agreeing a set range of artwork the artist will supply Smoky Pixels with appropriately sized files suitable for printing. These file resolutions will be no less than 300dpi and ideally of low-loss format such as TIFFs or PSDs. Smoky Pixels will produce thumbnails of the reproductions at 72dpi for showing on the internet. Smoky Pixels will produce open – ended prints at no cost to the artist and to demand.

Pricing & Royalties
For providing Smoky Pixels the right to produce and sell a range of artwork in the form of reproductions, artist will receive 50% of sales of prints. Royalties are payable on a quarterly basis by direct bank transfer or PayPal.

Limited Editions
Where the artist wishes to produce a limited edition set the artist does so on the understanding that Smoky Pixels will act as a producer only. Minimum production run of 20. The artist must supply the required number of Certificates of Authenticity – signed and numbered.